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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Do You Actually Like... Wine?

Well the answer is yes, isn't it? Probably...

But what kind of wine do you like? Are you a rosé all day kind of person, or a casual merlot with dinner kind of person.

Perhaps you can't pass up a lovely chilled glass of sauvignon blanc (cough* Andrea *cough). Or is an obscure semi-sparkling German wine more your style (Brigitta, clearly).

Whatever kind of wine it is, as long as you aren't offering us an oaked up buttery as hell chardonnay, we will probably be fine... And realistically, we will also drink a chardonnay butter bomb, we aren't that fussy.

Oh and btw, that wine Brigitta couldn't remember the name of is Devil's Corner reisling, but unsurprisingly their pinot noir is also good.

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