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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Do You Actually Like... The Great Gatsby?

This episode was recorded before the current Black Lives Matter movement started and spread all over the world. We discuss a book written about a white man with no non-white characters (obviously because it is a book people are welcome to imagine the characters as they please, but come on, they are all written to be white) with undertones of racism and anti-antisemitism and gloss over that issue almost entirely.

We recognize our privilege in our failure to discuss this topic more in depth.

Certainly, when it comes to the theme of the "American Dream", my (Andrea) perception of it has certainly shifted from skeptical to a wider understanding of who it can actually be achieved by and the deeply false promise it makes to certain people (Brigitta has always been unbelieving in the American Dream and achieving anything through capitalism).

F. Scott Fitzgerald seemed to be ahead of his time in his criticism of the American Dream, and as we all as a society are hopefully taking steps back to examine our future and how it is structured, maybe we can remember that these issues have been persistent throughout history and across countries.

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