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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Do You Actually Like... Jurassic Park?

 Merry Christmas one and all! But especially Sheridan! This is your Christmas gift from Anna, enjoy :)

SO Jurassic Park. There are books, there are movies.. but is it actually any good? Listen as Brigitta and Andrea recount the story of a billionaire who got too big for his boots and decided cloning dinosaurs was somehow a good idea. Billionaires, am I right? Enjoy as they discuss the differences between the books and the movies, and also how humanity is evil and you don't need chaos theory to explain that Ian Malcolm, it is just good common sense.

Oh and you will particularly enjoy how Brigitta tries to remember what Sheridan has previously told her about Jurassic Park, can't figure out which Jurassic Park she is talking about, and then forgets to mention that a T Rex gets out at the end of Jurassic Park II and reigns terror all over San Diego, and that doesn't happen in the book, and really after that happens it is pretty impossible to believe dinosaur cloning would ever we allowed again. Andrea also has no idea what is going on. But you know, other than that we covered pretty much everything...

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